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Mobile Pallet Strapping Machines with 'Flip Up' Forks

posted 2016 Apr by Tony Sandland

The Plastic Strapping Company Nottingham UK announce that their unique range of low cost mobile pallet strapping machines are now available with forks that 'Flip Up' the side of the pallet after being inserted thru a pallet such that the strap is presented at a convenient height to the operator. The mechanism is very simple and robust requiring virtually Zero maintenance.

Pallet Strapping Machine applies eight straps simultaneously

posted 2018 Dec by Tony Sandland

Polypropylene Plastic Strapping machine applies eight horizontal straps simultaneously around palletised canned food. This unit, manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd applies the straps as the pallets pass through the machine, either on conveyor or simply when pallets are placed into the machine either with FLT or pallet truck

This pallet strapping machine is very low cost and maintenance free - its simple design means it is virtually maintenance free and yet is virtually as fast as the very costly and complex automated plastic strapping systems

For more information on this range of bespoke manufactured pallet strapping machines CLICK HERE



Pallet strapping 2,3,4 pallets all at the same time...

posted 2015 May by Daniel OBrien

The automatic and automated pallet plastic strapping machine options:

...always involve high capital outlay, high maintenance and spares costs... unscheduled breakdowns with associated costs.... and the ability to strap just one pallet at a time.

Alternatively The Plastic Strapping Company's new pallet strapping machines called Strap Pokas can strap 2,3,4 pallets simultaneously, cost less than 20% of conventional automatic plastic  strapping machines, do not require service contracts or engineers. It's a modular semi automatic strapping machine that is quicker than the automated strapping machines and that offers uniquely.... 'peace of mind' to buyers and production managers alike..

Designated the Model VP2 Multipallet Strapper, the system enables subsequent modules to be added without limit when increasing numbers of pallets need to be strapped simultaneously.

Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines

posted 2014 Aug by Tony Sandland

Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines – Why second thoughts are important! 

So many companies are misled by the theoretical speed of automatic pallet  plastic strapping machines quoted by the sellers and don’t have a timely appreciation that all too frequently  optimum speeds are severely down rated by the speed that pallets can be presented to the strapping machines. Hardly ever will the cost – and time taken to take the pallets to and away from a stand alone automatic pallet strapping machine  be added to the quoted machine cycle time. 

Cost too – particularly those other than the obvious ones like strapping machine aquisition costs, are similarly overlooked such as feeding an automatic pallet strapping machine with pallets – the cost of running an FLT... and driver...maintenance contracts... spares, and of course downtime because breakdowns are guaranteed.... so no peace of mind... just ongoing outlay. 

The alternative: 

Use low cost simple strapping machinery that does not break down – that eliminates the need for spares – maintenance costs – risk of downtime. too. 

Use pallet strapping machines that do not require pallets to be moved to a strapping station and  eliminate the associated handling equipment costs and subsequent time penalties. 

Strap two three pallets simultaneously – in seconds, and certainly no longer than it would take to ferry just one pallet to an automatic strapping machine, using low cost polypropylene and not the high cost automatic strapping machine grades. One pallet at a time is not the best solution. 

Ah buts? 

Of course – an operator  is needed –  true  !  but that cost is significantly less than FLT operation costs +driver+machine maintenance contract + strapping machine spares + downtime costs... and the

simple strapping equipment costs no more than 15-20% of the automatic strapping systems and... is quicker.! 

The new simple system is based on the well known  Strap Poka  mobile pallet  machines principle and can strap one , two or three pallets all at the same time within 90 seconds. Basically comprising ‘C’ frame strap carriers travelling on overhead rails, straps can be placed over the top, down the back and thru pallet voids on any number of pallets – simultaneously. The equipment is also a very low cost backup for those Companies that have already purchase automated inline pallet strapping machines and where downtime costs thousands of pounds an hour… all the pressure is off for production managers as production is maintained and customers stay satisfied.. 

The principle:





Note: All the plastic straps are applied at the same time around the pallets so the ability to strap say three pallets per minute - 180 per hour - competes very favourably with the larger sophisticated plastic strapping systems but without the complications or large capital outlay they require. 


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New All Terrain Pallet Strapping Machine

posted 2014 Aug by Tony Sandland

New all Terrain Pallet Strapping Machine

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd have introduced a new mobile pallet strapping machine, mounted on an all terrain pump truck that enables 2 or 4 plastic straps to be placed around pallets - all at once - within a few seconds, with far less effort and improved safety than can currently be achieved in the likes of Builders yards and similar environments where plastic strapping operations occur outside.



Employees stooping to pass plastic strapping under pallets in areas where fork lift trucks operate is not good safety practice so these mobile heavy duty pallet strapping machines reducing the danger, as well as the time and cost taken to strap pallets by 50% OR MORE and make this unit a very worthwhile low cost addition to any packaging operation.


 Click on the link - Pallet Strapping made Fast and Easy! to see the principle on which these pallet strapping machines operate.


Call us on 0115 9291212 or email to discuss your application.


Truck specification:

Sizes exclude adaptations for strapping

Max Fork height 223mm

Min Fork Height  53mm

Max Pump Stroke 170mm

Size L x W x H  = 1375 x 1605 x 1200mm

Front Wheels 55 Dia x 132mm width

Rear Wheels 300mm Dia x 80mm

Width inside front wheels 1277mm

Net weight 235 kgs

Capacity 1200 Kgs


Dimensions prior to modification*

Unmodified Fork length 860mm

Fork width 100mm

* Height, fork length and width  will vary dependent on the application.


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Plastic Strapping Company Filtration Media

posted 2014 Jul by Tony Sandland

The Plastic Strapping Company has supplied one container 12mm wide x 0.4mm thick polypropylene strapping for a novel use i.e. for use as a water filtration medium  for a commercial fresh water fish farm. Although purpose specific proprietory brands of media can be purchased, it is relatively expensive, and following a two year trial it was found that filtration performance differences were minimal and that the change of medium was easily justified.


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.

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Holiday Travel Company specialising in low cost family holidays

posted 2014 Jul by Tony Sandland

Holiday Travel Company chose pallet strapping machine...based on recommendations made by the Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. The Holiday Company decided that stretch films used for securing palletised brochures and other types of documentation no longer  met their revised objectives regarding a need to reduce packaging materials used and the associated costs. Tests made with the printers and plastic strapping showed this method was entirely satisfactory and the method of application became the next consideration.Automated plastic strapping machines, the first consideration, was quickly offloaded due to cost and a realization that putting all product through a single plastic strapping machine entailed unacceptable  risk of disruption in the event of breakdown.

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd suggested low cost mobile plastic strapping machines as these were low cost, and eliminated a high cost element of the packaging operation i.e. there was no need to take a fully loaded pallet anywhere to get it strapped or wrapped – it could be done on the spot,  the first and only time a fork lift truck handled the pallet was either to take it to despatch or the storage bay.
The elimination of 66% of costs associated with the use of FLT’s amounted to £140,000  a year The Holiday Company was delighted at the results of ‘Out of the box’ unique packing ideas proposed by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd
See a video of the plastic strapping machine used.
For further information:

Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.

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Strapping Pallets - Two at a time!

posted 2014 Jun by Tony Sandland


A mobile plastic strapping machine that enables four pallets to be strapped simultaneously has been manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company for a UK manufacturer of specialised board containers.



Not only does the strapping machine 'strap four pallets at once it will also strap pallets stacked one upon another. The saving in time achieved amounted to just over 80% and was described as "achieving a dramatic  reduction in the time taken to prepare palletised product for despatch."


Run the video below to see the principle on which this range of machines operate.





Pallet Strapping Machines are available to apply both vertical and horizontal plastic strapping simultaneously so call the The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd to discuss your application.

Plastic Banding Tension Loss Health & Safety.

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland

 Polypropylene Banding Tension Loss

Polypropylene looses significant percentage of applied tension within the first hour - up to 50% in fact, and is accelerated by increases in ambient temperature. This is most noticeable on solid packs with no give such as concrete products and least noticeable on springy packs where the resilience takes up the slackness.

This fact is seldom mentioned to users of polypropylene strapping, and when it is the reaction is often one of dis-belief. Now this relaxtion - the strap fibres get tired under load - can be seen filmed in real time on a tensile test machine, and it will be seen that approx 25% of the total loss occurs in the first  2-3 minute period. Click this link Plastic Banding Tension Loss.

The same test machine is also used to establish plastic strapping joint strengths be they made with metal clips , heat seal or friction weld methods for Companies that wish to demonstrate and maintain they have effective control of packaging safety standards.


Email us on or telephone 0115 9291212 if you would like advice on strapping & banding materials.

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Plastic Strapping Health & Safety Issues

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland


Banding Clips Issue. 

It is the case in the UK that despite increasing level of Health & Safety Legislation a laissez faire attitude is taken by most users with regard to the effective control of safety margins applicable to steel and plastic banding strapping used to secure product onto pallets. In fact, most users have absolutely no idea of the effectiveness of their strapping and banding operations, either at the outset or on an ongoing basis, and no interest either! 
When unsafe situations are pointed out the common response is 'We've had no accidents yet!
So what are typical 'unsafe situations?

Banding Clip
The most common is to use a 25mm long metal banding clip to join plastic straps with break strengths up to 300kgs... because they are cheap.    With 'Cheap' can be added 'Unsafe' because these clips can hold loads only within the range 60-100 kgs - that's why they are termed 'Carton Clips'.for use on cartons weighing up to 25 Kgs, not palletised goods that weigh rather more. It also follows that these banding clips do not utilize the inherent strength of most plastic strapping specifications whose break strengths are higher than 100 Kgs. so in the event of accident they will be of little use in keeping a load secure.
Plastic Banding Buckle
Similarly plastic buckles massively de-rate the strength of most plastic banding with some of them failing under test at as little as 35kgs applied load so it is important to check with a supplier exactly what the load bearing capabilities are particularly in the case where they are used to join vertically applied banding straps. The average load bearing capability of a conventional plastic buckle is within the range 60 - 100 kgs. i.e. sufficient for a carton weighing 25 kgs picked up quickly by one strap, as shock loading can easily be 60kgs.
Seldom, if ever, is the condition of the sealing jaws on a strapping banding tool checked to establish if it is working correctly, and providing the seal looks normal after it has been crimped, no further attention is given to it. Appearances can be very mis-leading however, and simply by turning the seal over it can be seen if the clip has been closed correctly. 
Thousands of pallets are despatched with the metal banding clip only partially closed on a daily basis, and this of course renders the application of plastic banding to a pallet pointless.
Further information can be obtained by emailing
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Plastic Strapping Health &safety

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland

Health & Safety Issues with Strapping Banding Trolleys

It really is unbelievable that in an age of risk assessments that the development of plastic strapping trolleys has remained at standstill for the last 60 years, which underlines the failure of the industry to recognise problems that users of manual strapping systems experience on a daily basis... until now! 

Health & Safety Strapping
 Recognising that strapping has to be picked up from the strapping trolley prior to each strap being applied - and that it is conventionally presented at low level requiring the operator to stoop to pick it up The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd Nottingham. UK are manufacturing the safety trolley that not only presents the strap at waist level to the operator, but also allows the strap to be pulled off in any direction, so minimising the number of times the trolley has to moved. 
Health & Safety Depts are the key movers fuelling the purchase of this new strapping trolley, recognising the ergonomic benefits for employees, and the elimination of yet another risk issue from their assessments.
Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information on plastic strapping health and safety issues.

Health & Safety Pallet Strapping - Repetitive Strain injury

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland

Repetitive Strain Injury

Strapping Tool Repetitive Strain

The Health and safety at Work Act covers RSI and should be part of every Employers Risk Assessment Program

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is one of a number of general names given to a range of potentially disabling conditions – others include work-related upper limb disorders (WRULDs), overuse injuries and cumulative trauma disorder. It is important to remember that RSls are progressive conditions – and they will not get better on their own.

If the damage is allowed to continue, these symptoms, which may clear up overnight to start with, will get worse and will last longer.

Permanent disability can be the end result of trying to ‘grin and bear it’.

Early action can overcome the cause and pain of RSls and allow you to continue working.

So best not to get into a risk position where this disabling condition is likely to occur.

RSI and Pallet Strapping Tools.

Some strapping tools weigh 3.5 - 4.0Kgs.They are picked up with one hand, moved with one hand, and subsequently put down with the same hand...i.e. a minimum total of at least 10kgs is lifted with each pallet strapped. Assume 50 pallets a day are strapped then the scale of the  risk becomes apparent - employers are asking employees to lift 1/2 tonne with one hand every day... and remember RSI's are progressive injuries - they are not immediately apparent.

Repetitive Strain Strapping
This category of banding tool include all the battery powered friction weld strapping tools for which there is an essential accessory i.e The Friction Weld Banding Tool Work Station which eliminates all 'the picking up and putting down' on the part of the operator by supporting the strapping tool, at any height on the side of the pallet - in effect making it a virtually 'Hands-Free' .operation. Employer benefits also accrue as the tool is never dropped - a frequent cause of tool damage necessitating repair and subsequent costs. A video can be seen illustrating the principle on which these
  Friction Weld Banding Tool Stations operate.

This strapping tool support equipment is manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham.UK

Email or call us on 0115 9291212 for more information.

Health & Safety Pallet Wrapping

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland

An aspect... often overlooked when manually stretch wrapping pallets is that presented by the need for the operator to stoop or crouch, as both of these actions remove the employee from the natural sight line of forklift truck drivers that frequently operate in the same area. The risk of very serious injury occurring is high in the event of accident and and must be classified as such in any meaningful risk assessment.

Pallet Strapping Machine
  Another issue that seldom receives attention is the underlying medical condition of the person doing the work e.g. people - all ages -  who may have  blood pressure and/or be on medication may well become dizzy when standing up quickly from a crouched position due to associated vascular disease, as occurs when tying stretch wrap to pallets, and made worse by the need to subsequently walk backwards in spirals many times around the pallet. Not surprising then that accidents have been attributed to loss of balance. Watch video - Back Pain Guaranteed
Blood pressure can show no physical or easily recognised symptoms and in industrial environments is seldom if ever taken into consideration when assessing an individuals suitability to do the job. Alcohol and drugs induce the same effects and are banned from the workplace, but not it seems the same instability caused by an activity considered essential by Industry.

Is stretch wrapping essential? 

 Over packaging is an international concern, justifiably so, and in a majority of cases stretch wrapping falls into this category. It is frequently the case that product is already well protected by many layers of packaging against the elements prior to stretch wrapping being applied, and in such cases it's purpose is then primarily one of load stabilisation. Plastic strapping is a well established and proven ( universally used prior to availability of stretch film) - palletised load stabiliser, costs less, can be applied very quickly and presents fewer problems, so it's not surprising that increasing numbers of Companies are reverting back to the use of plastic strapping. See video showing modern way of applying strapping to pallets.
For more information on plastic strapping systems email or call 0044 (0)115 9291212
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Health & Safety Pallet Strapping - Prevention of Knee Injuries!

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland

Pallet Strapping Machines help prevent knee injuries!

The Health & Safety at Work Act

The Act sets out the general duties which employers have towards employees and members of the public, and employees have to themselves and to each other. These duties are qualified in the Act by the principle of ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’. In other words, an employer does not have to take measures to avoid or reduce the risk if they are technically impossible or if the time, trouble or cost of the measures would be grossly disproportionate to the risk. What the law requires here is what good management and common sense would lead employers to do anyway: that is, to look at what the risks are and take sensible measures to tackle them. 
Health & Safety Plastic Strapping                                                    Health and Safety Strapping Plastic

Knee and back injuries. 

It's not expensive or time consuming to minimise these risks, and in fact very considerable benefits accrue to both employee and employer should simple risk reducing measures be taken. The fundamental question addressed to an employer must be Do you care?

banding Pallets
Repetitive movement of the knee or kneeling for long periods can cause a build-up of fluid over the knee joint, known as bursitis or "housemaid's knee". Housemaid's knee tends to affect people with certain jobs that involve kneeling such as manually strapping pallets where kneeling on a concrete floor often occurs when threading plastic strapping through pallet voids. Within the terms of the act there are low cost, simple measures that can be taken to eliminate the risk such as the mobile pallet strapping machines manufactured by a UK Plastic Strapping Company that place two plastic straps around a pallet - together - in a few seconds - without kneeling, so eliminating risk of this injury. 
The question to all Companies that operate packing operations inevitably will be:, 
How seriously is employee safety really taken,  because non action in this case is difficult to justify, particularly where employee safety is coupled with other massive operational benefits. Take a look at these two videos which show how time and effort required to strap pallets can be reduced by at least 50%, with a dramatic improvement in employee safety.
Click these links.
These Pallet Strapping Machines are just part of an extensive range of unique low cost mobile pallet strapping machines manufactured in UK and shown on

Email or call us on 0115 9291212 if you require advice on strapping systems.  

NSA email monitoring scandal uncovers startling fact

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland

American National Security Agency


email monitoring scandal uncovers startling fact that Brits can manually strap pallets twice as fast as their USA pallet strapping counterparts  a fact that has surprised and intrigued the worlds most technologically advanced nation. Companies in UK using the VP2 and PT2 mobile pallet strapping machines have been told to warn employees of unsolicited approaches and the attempted theft of the equipment, which reduces the time,effort and cost required to strap a pallet by 50 per cent and more. 

The Foreign Office have advised the manufacturer, The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd, Nottingham UK to make the Strapping Machines available to the USA market in order to preserve the special relationship, and as gesture of good will the Company has already published videos showing two of the most popular models. So to our cousins across the pond we say watch these videos and the 'start saving thousands of dollars a year. Click  these links Make pallet strapping easy  and then    Make pallet strapping fast     email to progress the interest further.


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Pallet strapper cut in half

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland

...the time and effort taken to apply two straps to approx 50 pallets every day by using a pallet truck converted to a strapping machine i.e as the pallet truck entered the pallet it placed two straps at the same time over and under the pallet, in just six seconds, cutting out the need to move a strap trolley to the pallet, and the tiresome task of threading the strap over and through the pallet voids, over and over again during the course of an eight hour working shift. Now it's a case of production unable to keep pace with despatch dept.

Massive cost savings calculated over the course of a year justified the purchase of a mobile strapping machine called PT11, and in fact outlay was recovered in less than six months, with this bespoke unit manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK.

See for yourself how easy manual pallet strapping can be, click the link now.

The full range of unique low cost strapping equipment can be seen on

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Pallet strapper cut in half

posted 2013 Jun by Tony Sandland

Pallet strapping time cut in half with a pallet truck strapping machine!

The time and effort taken to apply two straps to approx 50 pallets every day by using a pallet truck converted to a strapping machine doubled the rate at which pallets were secured with plastic strapping.

As the pump truck entered the pallet it placed two plastic straps, at the same time, over and under the pallet, in just six seconds, cutting out the need to move a strap trolley to the pallet, and the tiresome task of threading the strap over and through the pallet voids, over and over again during the course of an eight hour working shift. Now it's a case of production unable to keep pace with the despatch dept.

Massive cost savings calculated over the course of a year justified the purchase of this mobile pallet strapping machine called  a PT11, and in fact outlay was recovered in less than six months, with this bespoke unit manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd. Nottingham. UK.


See for yourself how easy manual pallet strapping can be, click the link now.

The full range of unique low cost strapping equipment can be seen on


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Pallet Strapping Depression.

posted 2013 Apr by Tony Sandland

Manually strapping pallets in the conventional way universally creates a state a mind that is accurately portrayed thus: 

Pallet Strapping DepressionThe thought of dragging a plastic strapping reelholder over to a pallet, pulling the plastic strap off the reel, pulling the strapping over the top and down the back of the pallet, pushing it through the pallet voids, walking to the front of the pallet, stooping to pick up the end of the strapping before putting it the strapping tool - over and over again - is a prospect that creates mental despair - almost as bad as applying stretchwrap film  manually, walking

backwards in a spiral around a pallet over and over again.

It's not good, and worse than that if you are the person doing it. If you're just walking by it's not so much of an immediate issue... until the cost of strapping pallets in such a fashion becomes more obvious. Cost can be quantified in terms of time taken/pallet x labour overhead, number of people doing the job, health and safety issues particularly where significant quantities of pallets are shipped each day.

These simple calculations if covering a years operation frequently, and surprisingly to some, add up to thousands of pounds a year, every year.


The issues with regard to strapping previously mentioned however, all of them, can be easily resolved by using a mobile pallet strapping machine that will apply two straps at the same time around a pallet in just 6 seconds. Use of this equipment manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd Nottingham. UK effectively reduces time taken, effort and costs by more than 50%. The news get's better!...

The pallet strapping machines known as Strap-Pokas are very low cost, require no maintenance, will use all grades of plastic strapping, and are mobile, so they go to the where the pallets are located, and not the other way round, so avoiding any pallet movement.




The full range of this unique bespoke manufactured pallet strapping machines can be seen @ or click these links Pallet strapping without backache  and Pallet Banding the easy way!  showing how much easier and quicker it can be..


Contact The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd for further advice and information.

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Pallet Strapping Machines - Mobiles .

posted 2012 Mar by Tony Sandland

Mobile Pallet Banding Machines.

...manufactured by PSCL cost so little that virtually every Company strapping twenty pallets or more a day can reduce the time and cost of strapping pallets by 50-% or more - and achieve payback in as little as three months. The plastic strapping machines also perform better than many of the very expensive conventional strapping machines - require no power - no maintenance, therefore no service contracts, neither do they need special grades of plastic strapping - the cheapest grades of strapping will do fine!

It's true ..and they are mobile so no time wasted taking pallets to and from a static pallet strapping machine.

Pallet Strapping Machine VP2: A real time saver!


This mobile pallet strapping machine costs so little to buy ( Is also available for hire)  yet saves thousands of pounds a year. It puts two straps at a time around a pallet in six seconds ....there's no way a conventional manual strapping system can do it as quickly as that... not even with a threader stick. Click this link - Pallet Strapping Machine Low Cost -to see a video via Youtube



Pallet Strapping Machine VP3SA:  

Faster than a strapping machine costing ten times as much!

This mobile plastic strapping machine does everything that the VP2 does, but is even more versatile and effective as it not only puts three straps around a pallet all at once, reducing the cost and time taken to apply three straps manually by approx 75% . It can operate conventionally on pallets at ground level and also on pallets located on conveyors as the height of forks can be easily adjusted..


Pallet Strapping Machine VP3L:

Three plastic straps around a pack - all at once!

This mobile pallet strapping machine is yet another example of how this unique  range of  plastic strapping machines can be modified to suit a wide variety of applications. This application required three vertical straps to be placed - all at once to save time and effort - on constantly variable pitches along the length of sawn boards.


Pallet Strapping Machine VP2WA:


This pallet strapping machine was a customer led development - it's a conventional VP2 Pallet Strapping Machine that applies two plastic straps - both together - that  can also be used to apply one horizontal strap as required.




Contact information.




Pallet Strapping Machine PT11. 

Pallet Strapping Machine PT

If pallets are strapped and immediately moved by pallet truck it surely makes sense to use the pallet truck to take the plastic straps around the pallet. The pallet can be strapped in situ on the truck and then wheeled away. This type of pallet strapping machine is quite unique and demonstrates the fact that this range of equipment can generally be adapted to suit all types of plastic strapping application See a short video showing this machine being used. Click the linkPallet Strapping Made Easy!



Consider the HP Range of Pallet Strapping Machines:

                            Strapping Machine HP3WA is new and is  ideal for applying horizontal plastic straps around palletised trays and boxes. It's a simple entry level concept that doesn't cost alot so payback is quick. The strapping machine holds 3 or 4 reels of strap, the take off of strap is height adjustable ensuring that the straps stay level as the operator takes them around the pallet into a suspended strapping tool. A major feature of this plastic strapping machine that will appeal is the fact that it holds cardboard edge protection pieces vertical and in place on all four corners of the pallet until the first strap is applied. It's got a small footprint too so this mobile strapping machine is ideal where space is restricted.


Pallet Strapping Machine  HP4WA:

It's a faster version  of the pallet strapping machine HP3WA above. In this instance however the machine is fitted with a rotary arm on the top gantry that carries up to four straps - all at once, and at different ladjustable levels - around the pallet. The operator therefore walks around the pack only once to apply all four straps..

Pallet Strapping machine HP2SAVP2


This  pallet strapping machine applies two vertical plastic straps and two vertical straps all at once just by pushing the unit around the pallet. Used by the chemical industry for palletised drums,  its approx three times faster than  strapping a pallet manually in the conventional way.


Email us on or call 0115 9291212 for further advice and information. 

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Plastic Strapping - how to get a better price and cut cost of pallet strapping.

posted 2012 Mar by Tony Sandland

Plastic Strapping Purchases.

Throughout the UK professional packaging material buyers in Companies small and large strive to get the best deal possible on consumables - 1p a roll off stretchwrap - 20 pence a coil off plastic strapping etc and when achieved no doubt there is a feeling of satisfaction on a job well done. And yet if the negotiations had been conducted differently with prospective strapping suppliers or say by someone else, its likely that a far better outcome could have been achieved. 

Plastic Strapping

The style of negotiations conducted  in UK  do not generally deliver the best outcome for a buyer because seldom is the prospective supplier given any target prices - consequently they quote 'blind'. The reluctance to reveal what is currently paid is 'secret'- no target prices are given and strapping suppliers are frequently told they were not competitive - no negotiation therefore - end of encounter. And yet it is likely that even the quotation accepted using such methods will deliver only a more competitive price - not the most competitive.

Elsewhere in the world  a buyer signals from the outset the price required, giving prospective suppliers a target which may or maynot be achieved but invariably starts a genuine negotiation process which is far more likely to achieve a better outcome and one that's acceptable to both parties.The all too common lack of any real negotiations conducted with suppliers does without doubt  add to production costs and could easily be avoided.

There is however a far greater drain on company resources- despite the best endeavours of buyers in focussing on controlling consumable costs like plastic strapping - or perhaps because of it - many of the larger companies manually strapping pallets are losing thousands of pounds every year because no one is paying attention to how it is applied, and how long it takes to apply it. Labour costs are frequently the highest cost - even if only part of the overhead is considered - with wages likely to be at least 16 - 20 pence per minute - the time taken to apply stretchwrap or straping to a pallet frequently results in losses amounting to thousands of pounds every year lost through the despatch bay doors - unnoticed.

The Plastic Strapping Company in Nottingham manufacture low cost mobile Pallet Strapping Machines to suit a wide variety of applications, all bespoke manufactured  that not only reduce the cost of applying strapping manually by at least 50%, but the time and effort too by similar margins with payback achieved in as little as two-three months in many circumstances. That's where the real savings are made - thousands of pounds every year - not a few pence! It's achieved with very low cost but very effective equipment like this

Call 0115 9291212 or email us: to discuss your application and for further advice.


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