Pallet Strapping Machines - 2 straps around a pallet in 6 - 8 seconds.*

Pallet strapping machines that place two straps simultaneously around a pallet in 6 seconds  enable the strapping of pallets or other unit loads in half the time with half the effort taken by conventional manual methods, and give an immediate 50%  cost, time and labour saving, coupled with health and safety benefits for the employee. Click on the link - Pallet Strapping made Fast and Easy! to see the principle on which these machines operate.

Maintenance free – these pallet strapping machines do not require additional expenditure on conveyors as most of them are mobile and can strap anywhere a pallet is located i.e .it is not necessary to use an FLT to take the pallets to a fixed location. They can also strap pallets located on stretch wrap turntables.... and the capital outlay is very small compared with that required for conventional solutions.

These machines are also available to hire - see Pallet Strapping Hire justification

*The latest developments include automatic push button indexing in/out of the pallet both for pallets on floor and at conveyor levels, plus the ability to place plastic straps around up to three pallets simultaneously - a system that competes very favourably with the conventional automated pallet strapping systems costing tens of thousands of ponds (but for a fraction of the cost.) They also make excellent back up systems for the automated strapping systems when they break down.