A good quality range of reasonably priced European manufactured pallet stretch and shrink film machinery. The UK end user is generally faced with a choice of either buying product imported from Far East  or that manufactured in Europe, re-branded and sold at premium prices, particularly when purchased as part of a strapping plus stretch/shrink film system.

 Shown below are just a small selection of the stand alone or inline pallet stretch wrapping and heat shrinking film machines available.

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Stretch Film Machine Standard

Standard Pallet Stretch
  Film Machines 
Robotic Pallet Stretch Film Machine 

Robotic Pallet Stretch
 Film Machines
Spiral Stretch Wrap with conveyor


Spiral Stretch wrapping with
conveyorised turntable 
Rotary Stretch Wrap Machine

Rotary Stretch Wrap Machines
Stretch Film Rotating Arm Machine


Stretch Film Rotating
   Arm Machines

Rotary Shrink Film Machine

Rotary Shrink Film Machines for
pre hooded pallets.
Top Sheet Feeders

Top Sheet Feeders
Shrink Film Hooder

Shrink Film Hooders
Shrink Ovens

Shrink Ovens which
ensures perfect and uniform product wrapping.