Friction Weld Strapping Tool user necessity....

An extremely useful range of equipment that can support a friction weld strapping tool against the side of a pallet making it hands free for vertical and horizontal strapping applications, eliminating the need for the operator to pick up – support – and put down the tool hundreds of times a day, making the strapping operation much easier and faster. Another major benefit is that it can stop those expensive repair invoices that frequently arise after a tool has been dropped, so the unit quickly pays for itself.The work station can also incorporate a safety drop down coilholder for easy coil replacement in situations where heavy coils of polyester strapping are used,

There are two versions of the product:


The WSHSA is the 'Bees Knee's'  It takes all the weight out of a frictionweld tool and allows it to be moved up and down the side of pallet with just 'one finger' and outsells all the other versions. Height adjustment is stepless or can lock into the mast at predetermined heights. The swivel strap feed tube rises with the strapping tool and allows the strapping to be presented to the pallet at the same height as the strapping tool to give accurate strap placement. This unit can generally also be equipped with a slide out step to easily reach those extra high strap positions. 

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