Plastic Strapping or Banding.

Plastic strapping or Banding used for packaging  is a generic term used to describe all non metal straps and includes extruded polypropylene & polyester together with corded or woven polyester straps. More than 75% of all strapping applications are catered for with polypropylene strap, another 10% by polyester strap and the remainder with corded or woven straps. 

How do you visually identify the different plastic straps?  Click on this link -  Plastic Strapping Types - to view the video explanation

The extruded plastic straps are available in different grades – for hand tool use - for use with semi-auto strapping machines – and automatic/automated strapping machines. For handtool use the strap is usually presented on spoked plastic reels. 

For semi automatic and automatic strapping machine use the strap is wound on cardboard cores having a 200mm ID x 195mm width… and very occasionally 280MM ID x 195mm width. For large automatic/ automated machines strappin wound on 406MM ID x 150mm cores is the preferred option.

Polypropylene and Polyester straps are available printed with your company name, logo, sales message etc 

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Click here, more about the product, and its safe application and removal.... and just to give you the entire picture typical applications too! 

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