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Pallet Strapping Machine - VP5 - Applies 5 Vertical Straps

Pallet Strapping Machine - VP5

A pallet strapping jig that simultaneously applies up to 5 vertical straps around packs of boards or similar product simply by driving the product into pre-draped straps.

The Pallet Strapping Machine illustrated includes for batten placement beneath each pack and an overhead sliding strapping tool support to give operators a fast and easy – hands free – method of finishing the operation. If you would like more information about the principle on which these pallet strapping machines operate click the link. Select ‘strapping a pallet in under a minute’ from the list presented.

Manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd

Email or call us on 0115 9291212 for more information about how this machine can be much quicker than conventional strapping machines.


For further information contact Tony Sandland direct on 0115 9291212

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