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Used Strapex Friction Weld Strapping tool


Used Strapex STB friction weld strapping  tool  - 


just fitted with brand new tension wheel - these cost almost £100 - for use with polypropylene and polyester strapping up to 16mm wide. Has a spare battery which also cost close on £100 so excellent value at £925 delivered.

Published specification for this tool is:

Tool Weight  STB 63 Weight (including battery)  3.9 kg (8.6 lbs) 
– Length  375 mm (14.7“)
– Width 130 mm (5.1“) 
– Height 140 mm (5.5“) 
Tensioning (press button) 
Tensioning force, fully adjustable (depending on strap) 400–2000 N 
 Sealing (button) Electrically 
No of straps with one battery 120–250 (PP) Up to 200 Up to 300
 80–150 (PET)
– Battery charger 100–240 V 
Battery 14.4 V, 2,4 Ah 
No of chargings per battery, 
up to 2000 
Battery charging time 60 minutes 
Plastic strap
Strap width adjustable up to
– Polypropylene (PP) 16 mm 
Strap thickness
– Polypropylene (PP) 0.6–1 mm  
- Polyester (PET)  0.5–1 mm 

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