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Used Gordian Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

A good clean used semi automatic strapping machine badged up as a Cyklop machine but is in fact a Strapac product - so it's good!  Machine model is Type D53


Utilizing two DC direct drives, D series was the first belt-less tabletop strapping machine. The D-53 is the second-generation version of this design from StraPack. The microprocessor has been upgraded to improve tension control. Tension is applied with a steel wheel allowing application of high tension without scuffing the strap. Tension is easily adjusted from 4.4 lbs to 100 lbs or 2 to 45kg making the D-53 a versatile strapping machine.
Dimensions:W780mm x H775mm x D556mm (30.75in x 30.5in x 21.75in)

Supplied and delivered £345.00 

See a video of this type of machine being used.


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