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Safety Cutter - Steel Strapping

Strapping Safety Cutter - Steel Strapping

this one is acknowledged worldwide as the most effective cutter available for safely cutting steel strapping that is under tension. The safety cutter has a flat lower blade that makes it easy to slide under the strap, and two dense rubber pads that clamp the steel strapping, either side of the cutting anvil such the ends do not fly in the face of the operator. Ideal for steel strapping up to 1mm thick x 32mm wide.

Note: The fact these cutters are very safe does not relieve the buyer from being aware of and complying with any safety legislation applying to tensional strapping operations.

Strap Choppers?

If large volumes of steel strapping are removed from packages then safe and economic disposal may become a consideration. Click Here to to take a look at at a Swedish manufactured heavy duty Strap Chopper.

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