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Semi Automatic Strapping Machines - without strapping.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi Automatic Plastic Strapping Machines by this manufacturer are the most popular in the world out selling every other brand by tens of thousands of machines every year. It's not laden with electronics like some other Semi Automatic Strapping Machines but is a very good, well proven, trouble free unit with a cycle time of just 1.5 seconds… faster than most and with a 6 month return to base warranty. Supplied as a standard 220V (50/60 HZ) unit, it uses 6-15mm wide polypropylene strap and will strap packages as small as 60mm wide with no maximum size limit. The strapping machine is just 895mm wide, 570mm depth and 730mm high with a nett weight of 95 kgs. Hundreds of thousands sold Simply plug into a three pin socket – wait approx 60 seconds for the machine to warm up and thereafter strap quickly and easily all day.

 Click here to see a video showing a machine in use

 A safe choice!  (Yes we know there are cheaper look alike strapping machines with down graded components, but we don’t want the hassle factor that goes with them – neither should you as everyone remembers who ‘bought the pup’, and those perceived savings frequently turn out to be illusory some months after purchase.)  Downloadable pdf Literature  

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Incidentally… if strapped boxes are subsequently palletised then see how the job can be done in half the time with half the on the link See what you think:

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