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Tensioner T19 For Plastic Straps

Tensioner T19 For Plastic Straps

Tensioner T19 For Plastic Straps is UK manufactured and is for use with plastic straps in widths ranging from 9 – 19mm. Manufactured in steel – no aluminium castings to break in this tool, and all wear parts – ratchets and gears are fully hardened and approximately twice the size of other plastic banding tensioners. Tension lever is manufactured from pressed steel so is more durable and robust than the imported tensioners. Excellent value and probably the best plastic band tensioner you can buy. Excellent choice for strapping pallets.

See a short video via YouTube showing how this type of equipment is used.

Full spares availability with this tool

Banding Kits.

Hand Banding Starter Kits are also available comprising strap tensioner and sealer, reelholder and banding clips, and varying quantities of polypropylene banding to suit your requirements. 

Pallet Strapping with this tool?

Pallet Strapping with this tool then see the range of Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machines that put two straps around a pallet - simultaneously - in just 6 seconds.?  

Variations of this product

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