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Strapex Friction Weld Strapping Tool

  • Vendor: PSCL
  • Type: Unknown Type

A used Strapex STB68 Friction Weld Strapping Tool in near new condition - only done 3,000 cycles, which is barely run in for this type of tool.

(Picture is of actual tool)

Manufacturers specification reads:

Light applications • Weight (incl. battery), ONLY kg 3,4 Dimensions – Length, mm 320 – Width, mm 138 – Height, mm 148 Tensioning force, N (0) 400–1200 – Soft, N (0) 150–750 Tensioning speed, mm/s 220 Friction-weld seal • Battery charger, battery Charger supply voltage, V 100, 110, 230 Battery charging time, minutes 20–45* No of cycles per battery, up to 200–300** Battery: Li-Ion (Bosch) 14,4 V, 1,3Ah Plastic strap Polypropylene (PP) • Polyester (PET) • Width, mm 9/11–13 Thickness, mm 0,35–0,85 Options – Suspension bow • – Protection plate • – Protection cover • * After 20 minutes, approx 75% charge capacity ** Depending on strap quality, tension and package

For use with 9 -12mm Polyprop or 9mm polyester. A great tool for all lightweight strapping applications particularly horizontal strapping applications.

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