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Steel Strapping Sealess Handtool

Steel Strapping Sealess Tool PMK4-1219

Metal strapping sealess tool that is manufactured in Europe offering excellent value and quality, for use with cold rolled steel strapping. Simply feed the strapping under the tension wheel, apply tension with the tension lever and push the sealing lever forwards and backwards just once to apply a neat high strength dovetailed joint into the strapping... no clips to purchase - no sealers required - and the strap joint is stronger than one made with metal clips.

See a video via YouTube showing how fast and easy sealess strapping tools are. 

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Technical details.

Max Tension Force 5500 N

Length 390  mm 

Width 105 mm  

Height 185 mm 

Joint strength 80% *

Weight 3.8 Kgs s

Strap width 13/16/19mm  Strap thickness 0.30mm - 0.64mm

Strap grade <850N/mm2 Waxed finish.

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