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Steel Strapping - Oscillation Wound - Medium Tensile

Hi – Flex Steel Strapping

Hi-Flex strap specifications are suitable for more than 85% of all steel strapping applications and can be used with both handtools and automatic strapping machines. Manufacturing tolerances conform to DIN 55536 and 1544 , and ISO 9002 Quality Standards.
Hi-flex steel strapping is presented on 48 kgs oscillation wound coils on a 406mm ID x 150mm core size, and has a standard blued and waxed finish.

  • Metres per Kg weight are: 1350= 20: 1360= 16.7: 1650= 15.9: 1660= 13.3: 1950= 13.4: 1960=11.2:
  • All despatches are palletised.
  • For more than 6 coils contact us direct on 0115 929 1212 for discounts.

Note: Many of the steel applications have now reverted to the use of Polyester strap – it costs less – is safer to handle and in many cases results in the pack being held more securely and over a longer period.

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