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Steel Section Strapping Machine

Steel Section Plastic Strapping Machine.

Steel sections such as lintels and roll forms of all descriptions have until recent times always been secured with steel strapping,but now polyester strapping is largely used, as it is safer to handle, stays tighter if any of the modular parts of the load move, thereby producing a safer more secure pack. The most efficient way of applying the straps if product is produced in volume is to use an automatic inline strapping machine such as the PSPR90 which can be easily inserted into conveyor lines and incorporates top compression up to 2500 Kgs. Options include side compression bars to ensure the packs are fully consolidated prior to the strapping being applied.

The PSPR90 automatic strapping machine can used with both polypropylene and polyester strapping in widths ranging from 9 - 19mm, and thickness's from 0.5 - 1.2mm. and apply tensions 0 - 300Kgs standard with the option of extending the range up to 700 Kgs. via the MS300 strapping head, whch has a strap application rate of 15 -22 straps per minute varying with pack size.


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