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Shrink Wrap Applicator -Vertical

 PS AV2 Shrink Banding Machine operates on a simple concept - it holds a sheet of shrink film across a conveyor - packs of varying height and length  pass down the conveyor  into the film at the same time unwinding/draping the film along the sides of the pack, sealing bars then closing behind the pallet, welding/securing the film to the pack, and at the same time leaving a vertical sheet of film  across the conveyor ready to receive the next pack.. Packs then proceed to shrink oven 

  • Package size: width min. 500 – max 1200 mm; height min. 250 – max 1500 mm
  • Production output: 150 pallets / hour
  • Installed electrical power: kW 6
  • Compressed air: 6 Bar
  • Air consumption: 3 Nl/min
  • Voltage: 380 Volts÷PE three-phase 50 Hz
  • Auxiliary voltage: 24 Volts D.C.
Contact: Tel:0115 9291212 or email 

For further information contact Tony Sandland direct on 0115 9291212

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