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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Pi-10

This strapping machine... 

has been launched in UK with the object of virtually eliminating the use of handtools for all carton and bundling work, by a premier Japanese Strapping Machine Manufacturer. In Japan it was widely recognised years ago that strapping handtools were relatively cheap to acquire but very expensive to operate when labour rates and time taken to apply each strap were taken into account - many Companies were shocked when they did the calculation and found it added up to a very significant annual expenditure... that had previously been overlooked.

A competitive cost and quality engineering was essential for the project to succeed and an objective design review not only lowered costs but also resulted in the most eco friendly strapping machine of its type.

It’s starts with design - all extraneous materials have been removed as the overall design shows. No infill panels between the legs - cabinet housing strapping mechanism is much shallower than is convention, saving materials used - no drive belts inside to fail - and a much reduced power consumption. The machines are despatched with legs and coilholder removed, reducing freight costs and takes not more than 5 -10 minutes to re-assemble. The machine has a 12 month return to base warranty.

This strapping machine is easily adjustable to use 5mm -15.5mm wide polypropylene strapping. It has two micro-processor tension modes - one in the range 2 - 40 kgs for normal packs and the other for softer packs. The sealing time can also be extended by up to 0.5 seconds such that heavier straps than normal can be used, or to provide a longer dwell time, sometimes required for softer, springy packs.  

The cost? Just £585 delivered... UK Mainland

See Video - Click Here to see this type of machine being used

Technical Specification:

780 mm Height 775 mm (with work guide)Depth 543 mm Weight 45 kg 100 lbs

Table Height 750 mm 

Min. Package Size W 100 x H 30 mm 

Joint / Strap heat seal / polypropylene

ID 200 or 230 x W 200 mm

heat seal / polypropylene

8 x 8 or 9 x 8 in

Strap Width / Thickness 5, 6, 9, 12 (15.5) mm / 0.45-0.7 mm

Strap Tension Max. 392 N (40 kgf)

Power Supply 100-120, 200-240 V 1

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