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Steel Strapping Tool - Sealess Type JK1219

 Steel Strapping Tool - Sealess Type JK1219

Steel Strapping Tool JK1219 is European Manufactured and adjustable to use 13-16-19mm steel strapping widths x 0.6mm thick. The strapping tool has unlimited strap take up facility, applies high tensions and joins the steel strapping with a high efficiency sealess joint. Sealess strapping tools offer the fastest way of manually securing a load with steel strap.

Method of operation is simple: Encircle the pack with steel strap and place both pieces under the gripper wheel together. Tension the strap with the tension lever and push the seal lever over once and return, to place a dovetailed seal down the centre of the strap. Squeeze the rear handles to slide the tool from the strap.

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