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Pallet Strapping Machine VP2WA1

Pallet Strapping Machine VP2WA1 

will allow the simultaneous placement of two straps around and under palletised products in approx 6 seconds with the option of applying a horizontal strap as well at any required height. The net effect of using this type of pallet strapping machine is that its mobile, and reduces both the cost and time taken to apply straps by at least 50%, and for companies that strap a lot of pallets each day this can amount to savings of thousands of pounds a year.  These units are bespoke built so virtually every type of pack that needs a mixture of vertical and horizontal straps is quickly dealt with... so much so they are often quicker than automated systems costing many thousands of pounds. There are many options including forks that flip up the far side of the pallet to minimize any stooping.

Excellent value @ £2300 Ex Works

See video on vimeo - click the link Pallet Strapping Fast and Easy or via Youtube  Pallet Strapping Made Easy 

Strap Pokas are manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd in Nottingham. Call us to discuss your application on 0115 9291212 or email

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