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Pallet Strapping Machine that applies 4 straps simultaneously.

This Pallet Strapping Machine...

was manufactured for a Timber Building manufacturer whose product range changed dramatically shortly after its purchase, consequently as can be seen from the pictures it has had very little use. The Strapping Machine applies 4 straps simultaneously in approx 10 seconds with just one push into the load, dramatically reducing the time and effort normally required to apply four straps.

The forks are suitable for placing four straps on a 600mm pitch (Although these can be changed once the straps are released) and fork length of 1170mm is suitable for a pack depth of 1000mm. The strapping machine is suitable for a max pack height of 1700mm.

The forks are also height adjustable from ground to 700mm high, enabling strapping of packs at conveyor height.

The cost of £500 Ex Works represents a saving in excess of £1500.    

To see a video showing the principle on which these machines work Click here.

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