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Packaging Steel Rollforms

Automated Polyester Strapping Machine Roll Forms


Steel roll form sections are traditionally strapped with steel strapping but this is now rapidly being replaced with polyester strapping using in line automated strapping machines such as the PSPR90 These machines are built to suit each individual application and can sense front and trailing edges of each pack and place the appropriate number of polyester straps in the correct positions.  The polyester strapping does not rust and stain,  stays tighter than steel strapping and has far greater ability to absorb shock loads. The strapping head  is precision engineered and the simplicity and ease of maintenance are a key feature responsible for growing sales throughout the world, as users rebel against expensive repair contracts and spares cost associated with this type of equipment, particularly in UK. where these costs  are frequently linked with the supply of strapping materials. The good news is that these machines generally cost significantly less than when rebranded and purchased from traditional UK sources, including  complete turnkey options that include all conveyors, guarding, installation and commisioning etc

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