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Frictionweld Strapping Tool - Type P356 Pneumatic

Pneumatic Friction Weld Strapping Tool

Frictionweld strapping tool - Type P356 is manufactured in Europe and is ideal for those heavier duty applications. For use only with the heavier polyester straps in the size range 16 -19mm wide x 0.4 -1.35mm this tool will apply up to 3700N tension and produces a welded joint that is approximately 75% efficient.

Operation of the tool is easy - simply squeeze the caliper lever to lift the tensioning wheel and insert the strap underneath. - Press the tension button and then the welding lever before releasing the tool from the strap by squeezing the calpier lever again and sliding the tool sideways.

As with all pneumatic tools a clean lubricated air supply is essential to ensure reliable long term operation together with a tool suspension unit. 

For an indication of heavy duty polyester strap sizes 'Click here'


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