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Pallet Strapping Machines Mosca KZV

Pallet Strapping Machine - Mosca KZV

From the Premier German Strapping Machine Manufacturer  - Pallet Strapping Machine KZV is part of the range of Mosca Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines that  have a worldwide reputation for reliability, longevity and minimal after sales costs, so if you want to do the job properly and for a very long time then read on…. and this applies particularly in the UK

The KSV range of automatic Pallet Strapping Machines place straps vertically around all types of palletised products. Some machines have fixed strapping heads and closed tracks for strapping large cartons and pallets, others have strapping heads that move towards the pallet before strapping, and reciprocating bottom strap tracks for threading straps through pallet voids. All strapping machines can be fitted with overhead platens to compress a pack prior to placement of straps… in fact there are few applications that this range of pallet strapping machines cannot do.

A typical strap track size is 1457mm wide x 2200mm high and as a general guide up to 60 double strapped pallets can be processed per hour. The banding machines use polypropylene and polyester strapping materials 9.5mm – 16.0mm wide (0.4 – o.72mm thick) and apply from 200 – 2500 N tension, by means of the Mosca friction weld sealing head.
Power requirements are 400V, 50Hz, 3PH/N/PE with a control voltage of 24V DC.

Electrically powered and only 719mm wide these Automatic Strapping Machines are easy to integrate into existing conveyor systems. Full manufacturers UK based service back up for peace of mind – German engineering for reliability make this range of banding machines top value and a best buy. That's why so many UK Companies with 24 x 7 operations buy them.

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