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Pallet Strapping Machine - RO-MS-4-H Mosca Horizontal

Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine - RO-MS-4-H

Pallet Strapping Machine RO-MS-4-H is manufactured by Mosca –  the best respected and Premier German Pallet Strapping Machine manufacturer world wide with an excellent reputation for ongoing technological developments. Of strategic interest to UK prospective purchasers will be the fact that the service backup is exceptional, achieved with the largest service team of engineers able to deliver an ontime service response... as required by the plastic strapping machine users.... which will have something to do with the fact that in UK Mosca is quickly becoming the defacto standard for German manufactured plastic strapping machines.


Model RO-MS-4-H is a Pallet Strapping Machine that automatically applies a series of horizontal straps around palletised loads 1200 × 1200mm, 800 × 1200mm up to 2600mm high. The Pallet Strapping Machine uses polypropylene and polyester strapping either 5, 9, or 12mm wide wound on 200mm x 190mm cardboard cores and cycle time is 1.8 seconds (excluding pallet positioning time). Strap tension is infinitely adjustable within the range 50 – 700N.

The Pallet Strapping Machine can be easily integrated into most production lines and incorporates upstream/downstream die-back systems, PLC control fully automatic strap threading, strap end detection for remaining strap, and automatic strap loop ejection should the machine be cycled without a pack in situ. Strap is joined by the well proven 24V DC heat weld system.

Options include PLC control – Seimens Type S7, roller conveyor, traffic light system signalling low strap and a sealing head type 50 – 3500 N.

As with all Mosca Pallet Strapping strapping equipment you can expect an effective lifespan of approx 20 years or more…..A safe investment and excellent value.

UK manufacturer trained service backup available.

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