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Ingot & Billet Plastic Strapping Machines


Cast Ingot and Billet Plastic Strapping Machines

Strapping Ingots and Billets

Metal billets can either be continous cast, forged or rolled into rectangular or circular shapes and are basically lengths of metal that have been cut to length in preparation for the next production process. 

Ingots are cast and ingot cooling equipment receives ingots, from the casting machine and cools them to approx. 50 ºC essential to reduce the ingot temperature sufficiently to allow stacks to be strapped immediately after completion and essential if ingots are to be hand stacked to avoid the risk of injury whilst stacking the ingots manually or  to 90 C degrees if stacked robotically.   Polyester strapping is used and the number of straps applied varies from two - four straps 19mm or 25mm wide depending on the size of pack.


Both these products can be securely unitised with polyester strapping applied using either HD Battery powered handtools or in line automated strapping machines that also incorporate robotic stackers. They type of strapping machine used normally has the strapping head descend onto the top of the pack and to see the full range of strapping machines available click the link.


Model PSP90 Automated Plastic Strapping Machine is a popular choice for this application

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