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Glass Bottle Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine

Glass Bottle Plastic Strapping Machine

 Glass Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine PR90G is  a very popular model for strapping glass, PET bottles and containers very quickly with a cycle time of only 15 seconds, enabling it deal with 80 -120 double strapped pallets per hour. The strapping machine uses both polypropylene and polyester strapping in widths ranging from 9 -19mm wide although generally strapping of choice is 9mm polyester and after tension has been applied to the strap it is then joined using the well proven friction weld technique.

 The overhead compression platen operates by means of rack and pinion and can be supplied to suit the range of compression required for the particular application. Two reciprocating strap lances feed the strap through pallet voids. See variation Can strapping machine

The strapping machine is controlled by PLC - touch screen controls on a stand alone pedestal manage all machine functions. The strapping heads are well proven, simple patented concept design to make any maintenance very quick and easy.


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