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Plastic Strapping Friction Weld Tool Work Station - Stepped.

Plastic Strapping Friction Weld Tool Work Stations...

essentially provide a means of supporting a friction weld tool against the side of a pallet to provide a virtual hands free strapping operation, eliminating the need to pick up/put down the plastic strapping tool. hundreds of times a day. The workstations also prevent  the friction weld tool being dropped, a regular cause of damage and high repair costs for this type of tool, so it pays for itself the moment it prevents just one such occurrence.

Battery Powered Friction Weld plastic strapping tools are frequently used to  apply horizontal straps around pallets and in some instances the height of the top strap to be applied is such that the use of these strapping tools above eye level is awkward, hence the pull out step that elevates the operator to an easy working height. Similarly, these strapping tools are often used to apply the heavier polyester strapping weighing approximately 20 Kgs/coil so again we've made it easy to reload the integral coilholder by allowing it to drop to a horizontal position for re-loading.

Note the friction weld tool support bracket is height adjustable, and allows positioning of the tool for both horizontal and vertical application of plastic strapping.

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