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Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Tool SBXT-32

SBXT Friction Weld Plastioc Strapping Tool

This Friction Weld Plastic Strapping tool is for those extra heavy duty applications that until now had no option but to use steel strapping e.g. those applications requiring 19mm - 25mm and 32mm steel strapping.... so ideal for glass, ingots, coiled steel and wire, plate metals etc. The tool uses 25mm and 32mm wide polyester strapping up to 1.3mm thick, and has two tension ranges (2500 -6500N, and 1000 - 5000N) . Strap tension speed is 120mm/sec and the friction weld joint is approx 75% of strap tensile strength. The strapping tool has a Bosch 36V/2.6Ah Li-ion Battery. and will apply average 200 straps per charge, varying with the amount of tension applied. The tool is complete with battery charger and with recharging 75% of the charge takes just 30 minutes.

The SBXT-32 Friction Weld tool applies very high tensions and automatic mode therefore requires that two buttons are pressed using both hands.

The tool is availble for hire and delivers very significant annual cost savings for those companies currently using steel strapping in addition to the safety benefits derived from polyester strapping. Friction  Weld Strapping Tool Applications information

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For further information contact Tony Sandland direct on 0115 9291212

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