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Electric Pallet Strapping Machine 3 months Old

Semi Automatic Electric Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine.

This used pallet plastic strapping machine is in essence a standard semi automatic box strapping machine, tipped on end with a forward lance that is pushed into pallet voids.  The operator then walks to the opposite side of the pallet, picks up the end of the strap, manually takes it over the top of the pallet before feeding it back into the head of the machine, that automatically tensions and seals the strap, feeding another length into the lance ready for the next strap to be applied. The Strapping Machine is then pulled from the pallet and re-inserted into the adjacent pallet void and the operation repeated., after which the machine is again withdrawn

Machine is approx 3 months old - origin - suspected Taiwanese - unknown, few marks basically as new, although the lance is no longer straight.  Offered with 6 month return to base warranty at £2850 ex works.  Note: Picture illustrates type - Not actual machine. Finish: Blue.

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