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Corrugated Cardboard Compression Strapping Machine

Corrugated Board Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine.

Automatic Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine PR99 is suitable for all products requiring a degree of compression prior to plastic strapping being applied, such as corrugated board, cardboard, paper, paper bags etc. The overhead compression platen applies up to 3000Kgs pressure    ( 5000Kgs on request) by means of rack and pinion and incorporates two plastic strapping heads that tension and join the strapping by means of the well established and proven friction weld method. Two plastic straps are fed around the pallet simultaneously with a total cycle time  between 15 - 22 seconds, varying with the height of the pack i.e. full height loads will be quicker than half height loads. Two reciprocating strap lances feed the strap through pallet voids.


Corrugated Board Strapping Machine

The strapping machine is controlled by Seimens PLC - touch screen controls manage all machine functions. The strapping heads are well proven, simple patented concept design to make any maintenance very quick and easy.


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Jumbo Strapping Reelholder


Incidentally, polyester strapping is now available wound on Jumbo sized coils that obviously cut down on the number of times the machines have to be reloaded, and handling to if a Jumbo reel holder is used as this enables a  pallet of strapping to be loaded into it and eliminates all manual handling of the reels.



The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd offers a rewinding service for coils of polyester strapping

in the event they become damaged.

Information on recycling plastic strapping

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For further information contact Tony Sandland direct on 0115 9291212

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