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Corner pieces for barrels

Plastic Corner Pieces for Barrels

Plastic Corner pieces for barrels such as those used for chemicals are an essential safety aid when strapping barrels to pallets insofar as they stop the strapping sliding around the perimeter, and slackening when the pallet is handled and transported. These corner pieces lock onto the rim of a barrel when the strap is tightened over them and are the only secure all weather means of ensuring pack integrity is maintained.

Available in three colour coded options:

RBCP are coloured red and have 55mm between flanges with leg lengths of 50mm and 30mm

YBCP are coloured yellow and have 55mm between flanges with leg length of 40mm

BBCP are coloured black and have  55mm between flanges with leg lengths of 50mm and 90mm

All three corner pieces are recommended for use with strap widths up to 50mm wide 

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