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Cordstrap Polyester Strapping

Corded Polyester Strapping:

Corded polyester strapping is available in a wide range of widths and break strengths that can exceed those obtainable with other extruded plastic straps, consequently cordstrap is in widespread use for heavy duty applications in timber, building products, heavy engineering and shipping industries where goods are strapped to pallets.

Corded Polyester strapping holds the applied tension for very long periods, and unlike polypropylene strapping does not relax, and is unaffected by changes in ambient temperature and ultra violet exposure. Consequently cordstrap is particularly suited to most export packing applications, particularly to hot climates, and applications where steel strap was previously used.. Cordstrap is joined by means of a metal buckle - strap is threaded into the buckle and the slack 'pulled up' by hand. Subsequently the strap is fully tightened with a tensioning tool. The joint or seal strength is calculated as 75 -80% of the quoted linear strength of the strap being used. Corded polyester strapping can be re-tightened should it slacken due for example where bundles of timber subsequently dry out, or packs are compressed by having others stacked on top of them.

It is vital to use good quality CB HD buckles with Cordstrap otherwise the strength of the system will be compromised.* Linear break strengths (BS) are quoted on the popular lines offered. Learn more about corded and woven polyester strapping

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