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Pallet Strapping Tool Type K16 - 16mm

Pallet Strapping Tool Type K16 - 16mm

This video link - Pallet Banding Tool K16 - shows how easy they are to use.

The original pallet strapping tool that uses serrated seals with 16mm width plastic straps strap. Its appeal is in its relatively small size and the ease with which it can be used for both vertical, and in particular, horizontal pallet strapping applications. The tool must only be used with Type K16 serrated safety seals

Pallet Strapping?
If this tool is being used to strap pallets then learn how to place 2 straps around a pallet - simultaneously - in just 6 seconds andĀ  get the jobĀ done in half the time with half the effort using the mobile Strap-Poka Pallet Strapping Machines

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